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South Florida's Indoor Air Quality Experts

Your Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Take a deep breath. That feels pretty good, right? ­ Since 1998, Arcon Ac has been helping Miami & Broward County residents with installing and maintaining professional indoor air conditioning systems that you and your family can trust. Our state of the art indoor air quality systems provide clean, fresh air everyday 24/7 with unmatched warranties unlike any other company. We are the # 1 choice in South Florida for both homes and businesses. Call us today and see for yourself – 305.512. 4111 or 954.229.0436.

We treat indoor air the same way nature treats outdoor air:

  1. UV LAMP GERMICIDAL CONTROL: ­ ​Controls the amount of germs in your home with the same technology used by hospitals, this also helps control and prevent the spread of germs, viruses, mold, mildew and bacteria. A UV Lamp system can be installed into your existing central air conditioning system. The UV lamp system works by sterilizing germs and mold in the moist environment of your A/C system. It is a proven fact that if you control the mold and mildew in your air conditioning system that this will help the odors ​of the entire ac system.
  2. Dehumidifiers :­ ​The biggest challenge in South Florida, especially in Miami is humidity. The experts at Arcon Ac are knowledgeable and experienced in humidity control systems and
    will explain to you all the different options and brands that we offer. With so many options out there, you can rest assure that your family will enjoy many great years of comfort with the best
    air control system to fit your budget.
  3. Home Air Purifiers: ​Our air conditioning system experts will explain in detail, the many different choices and brands for air purifiers which will help allergy sufferers and asthmatics
    find the at home relief they have always wanted.
  4. HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR FILTERS: ­ ​At Arcon Ac , we offer state of the art air conditioning systems that are customized to your individual needs and demands. All of our systems offer effective solutions that will maintain the best indoor air quality for your home or business.

At Arcon Ac, we have been offering many indoor air quality equipment choices, knowledge and expert services since 1998. We specialize in all makes and models , We offer 24 hour services, and with our team of experts, you can rest assure that each breath you take in your home or business is of the highest indoor air quality possible. Call Arcon AC Experts today at 305.512.4111 or 954.229.0436.